My Life's Obsession

Anyone that knows me well knows that I am a HUGE fan of fútbol.  Hell, even people that don't know me well know that.  While I am a fan of jogo bonito overall, I am an insane Barça fanatic and with that comes a little magician known as Lionel Messi.  

Every morning I wake up just a little earlier than necessary to fit in my "Messi time."  This would be a ritual that is more of a tradition for me in which I watch videos of La Pulga at his finest on YouTube.  My day just isn't the same if I skip it.  There's something so special about Messi that only those that watch him can understand.  He is a living legend that I can only feel blessed to have the opportunity to watch first hand.  

Below are 2 of my favorite videos.  Some people dislike Ray Hudson, but personally, I am a huge fan of his commentary.  His analogies are the root of spontaneous creativity.  He makes the experience that much better for me when I watch these highlights.

Check them out.  If you have any favorite videos, please share!

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