Men - Common Projects Tournament High-Top Sneakers (@Achilles1528)

Who is and their sneakers or women and their heels?  Tough choice.  Only God may know the answer to that question. 

I'm really not a huge fan of the Jordan's I see so many guys wearing.  They just have a juvenile look to them that is not fitting for an adult male.  I really don't see what people love about them so much.  There are so many other sneakers out there that are so much nicer.

I love these sneakers from Common Projects.  They have a simplistic elegance about them that I am totally digging.  The design is simple, but the suede elevates the overall look.  Did you know that I love a suede sneaker?  Almost all of the sneakers I own are suede.  They come in black as well, but I'm impartial to this off-white sandy color.  When I first saw them, what attracted me most was the color.  It is so versatile and it looks great against the pure white sole.

For just $420 they are decently priced too!

Purchase Common Projects Tournament High-Top Sneakers.

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