Dear Men, Please Take Notes & Do Better

I bet you thought this blog entry was going to be a woman's rant about what men should be doing for women or something of the like.  Well, you are completely wrong.  On the contrary, this is a woman's rant to help you as a man.

Recently, I went shopping for a new backup duvet cover.  Generally, I mind my own business when I shop, but this time I just couldn't help myself.  So, here comes a 30-something to 40-something year old man (I'm horrible at guessing the age of men), looking awkwardly nervous, completely confused, and seemingly in search of new sheets without having the knowledge to know what he should buy.  Somehow, this scenario intrigued me and instead of looking for what I came to buy, I caught myself observing what he would do next.  A large part of me knew that he was clueless and I wanted to help.  Each time he picked up a sheet set, he looked around as if he didn't want to be caught dead picking it up.  I saw his mouth moving and realized he was talking to himself, but was too far to know what he was saying.  Still intrigued, I continued to watch, but moved closer.  The next thing I know, he picks out a sheet set and I knew at that moment there was no way he knew what he was doing.  Instead of letting him walk away and spend his money how he wanted, I corrected the injustice that was about to occur and gave him a life-long lesson that I am sure he never thought he would get on that day.

So, what exactly was the injustice surrounding some bed sheets is what I am sure you are wondering.  Well the set he selected was 100% polyester.  Yes, you read that right, 100% polyester.  Now some of you may not think that's a big deal, but it is.  No one in their right mind should have polyester sheets.  I once had to give my brother a lesson on this, so now I will share with all of mankind.  There is nothing good about polyester sheets...or polyester anything for that matter.  It's a synthetic fiber that doesn't may as well just drown yourself in acrylic and call it a day.  The only polyester I'm buying are soccer jerseys and that's because I only like ones that are authentic so I don't have a choice.

The moral of the story is when it comes to sheets stick to 100% cotton.  Specifically, Egyptian or pima.  Most people are aware of Egyptian, but pima is also a certified long-staple cotton.  A high thread count isn't always a sign of a high-quality sheet, and a low thread count doesn't mean a low-quality sheet, so don't go crazy about getting the highest thread count in the world.  Personally, I have found that a thread count of 400 to 600 and a combed cotton weave is what has felt the best.

If you're low on funds, go with a 200 to 300 thread count from a well-known brand because they have higher standards.  However, if you are buying Jordans and other various shoes and new clothes every other day, I have to question your priorities.  I would take nice sheets over Jordans any day.  Everyone should have a comfortable and nice environment in which to lay their head to rest everyday.

Go ahead and throw out those polyester sheets and thank me later.
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