Often times, as we age, we look back and reflect on the people we once were.  While so much has changed for me in the 3 years since my last post, somehow I always end up coming back to this blog.  It's like a magnet that somehow loses its force but ends up regaining that power at some point in time.  With all the up's and down's all of us experience in life, this blog has been an outlet for me through it all.  I have really never said much or given real insight to my personal life on any internet platform, but my blog has been my distraction.  The one activity, aside from Call of Duty, that helps me to relieve my personal and professional stresses and forget everything for just a short time.

Given my reflections, I came to realize how much my past content barely reflects the person I am today.  I literally looked at some of my oldest posts and said out loud to myself, "Ew!  What was I thinking!?"  Like I said, a lot has changed over the past 3 years, and my interests and tastes definitely near top that list.  In my exhausted, half-asleep mind, I re-designed my blog and changed the entire format.  It is still a work in progress, but I hope to change that soon.  Although my completely random content with no true focus will remain fixed, because that is just my madness at its best, I have every intention of updating my blog to reveal more of what I have become.

 With that said, I re-introduce to you, my audience or possibly lack thereof, looty, my compilation of interests and thoughts.
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