Dear Fellow Bloggers & Readers...

Let me start by saying how much I admire all my fellow bloggers out there!  Regardless of what the content of your blog is, I respect what you are doing and the work that you put into it.  Keeping up with creating new information and putting everything together in a fashion that will spark the interest of others is not the most simple of tasks.  I am happy and appreciate all of you for giving avid readers, like myself, something to pass the time, keep me up-to-date, give me a good laugh, assist me in my trade, etc.

A few various parties have recently brought my blog up to me, asked how my blog is doing, inquired about whether I was still keeping up, etc.  Hearing about it brought it to life again and when I logged in I realized that I hadn't created a new post in over a year...yikes!  It has been so long that because of updates that were made to Blogger I wasn't even able to find a lot of links I was looking for.  To top it off, when I was looking at my Analytics, I realized that my audience in Russia and Germany is huge!  I'll be honest...that made me feel really good!  It's a great feeling to know that I am providing some form of entertainment to others while doing something that I truly enjoy.  Looking through some of my old entries also made me realize that I kind of missed doing it. 

While blogging and sharing the things I discover and love with others is a hobby for me, like everything else in my life, I do it with pride.  So, here I am in the same place that I seem to be in once or twice a year...apologizing to my readers and saying that I am going to keep up with it   :) 
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