Chicago - Recommended Restaurants: Aria

200 N Columbia Dr
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 444-9494

Located inside of the Fairmont Hotel, Aria brings a delicious twist to Asian cuisine, or as they descibe it, New World Asian Cuisine.  With warm mahogany walls and unique artwork, this restaurants boasts a beautiful environment with delectable dining.  

Kick off your meal with the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio that comes with smoked char roe and Michigan maple scallion pancakes and the Rock Shrimp Tempura served alongside pickled mango, miso bleu cheese, and micro celery. 

When it comes to the main course, I recommend the Short Rib Pad See Eew.  The dish comes with deliciously soft wide rice noodles, Chinese broccoli chile, bean sprouts, and hoisin.  The short rib adds a better tasting meat flavor to your traditional Thai Pad See Eew.  If you're feeling like you have a taste for seafood, try the Caramelized Day Boat Sea Scallops.  The dish's accompaniments of, curried cauliflower, cauliflower falafel mache, and carrot foie gras puree give the perfectly cooked scallops texture and additional flavor.

As a die hard sushii love, I HAVE to recommend the delicious sushi bar here as well :)

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