quirky ... The Modern Art Approach to Gadgets

I've always been a fan of gadgets and cookware that make life a little more organized.  quirky offers this and so much more.  The unique part about this company is that quirky is led by a 23 year old, Ben Kaufman, who has quite an impressive background.  Did I mention his website is DOPE!! 

quirky also offers people to earn money if you help influence one of their products in development.  I'm a nerd so I rather enjoy participating and seeing the new products they complete!

 Cordies are a colorful solution to your cords falling behind your desk.  I love these for the office! 

The Slingback is a small casing that can turn your cell phone charger cord to be retractable.  Use it for USB cords or headphones.  The Slingback makes cords simple and protects them all at once.

Jus allows all you juice lovers to squeeze your own juice easily!!  Squeeze a glass, or squeeze more and store for later...the choice is up to you.

Qubicles create a modular shelving system that adds plenty of flair to any room.  Display your photographs, store your books, or simply use them as wall art.  They come in sets of 3.

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