NYC - Recommended Restaurant: Momofuku Ko

Momofuku Ko
163 First Ave
Between 10th & 11th

Presenting an exclusivity with limited seating and a personal reservation system, Momofuku Ko gives diners a delectable spin on American cuisine with the occasional ethnic fusion.

There is no set menu at Momofuku Ko, the pricing is prix-fixe for an 8 course dinner chosen by the chefs.  The prix-fixe pricing is dependent upon market availability for the current menu selected by the chef.  You can visit Momofuku Ko's website to check the most up-to-date pricing.

While the menu is ever dynamic, you can always expect to find a variety of flavors combined to create an explosion of pleasantness to your taste buds.  The entire dining experience is comparable to venturing through the do not know what you will come across, thus I recommend Momofuku Ko only to those that enjoy stepping outside of the box and seeing where their taste buds will take them.

Be sure to set aside about two and a half hours for the entire dining experience, and be prepared to try new dishes approximately every 20 minutes.  I recommend throwing in the extra money for the wine pairings as well.

The one downside to the restaurant would have to be their seating...backless wood stools that show no mercy to your body in a long dining experience.  While this is a downside, I assure you that once you try the food you will be itching to go another round with the stools!!


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