LIVE to LOVE Apparel

If you know me, you know how much I love love!  I know most of you who don't know me will take that as I'm a love sap puppy, but I don't love love in that sense.  With all the hatred that's geared towards just about everyone, love, is something that conquers that.  Whether it's love for your significant other or love for family or a friend, love is but one of the strongest words in this world.

With my love for love, LIVE to LOVE, is a must!!  Even their bio on Twitter was full of love..
"Live to Love apparel is a clothing company with efforts to spread the love of Jesus Christ and shine the light of love in the dark & toxic world we live in."

The brand doesn't just bring you clothing, it brings you a way of life.  Wear inspiration everywhere and spread the love!!


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