Fabulous Finds: The Haus That Jane Built

While browsing for new designers and more unique fabulous finds, I came across the label, The Haus That Jane Built.  Based out of West Hollywood, The Haus That Jane Built, brings you fierce eyewear only for the bold.  Think Lady Gaga or something out of the future.  The glasses appear as if you cannot see out of them at all, but don't be fooled, the glasses have full visibility.

My personal favorites include:

Need For Fame glasses, which are made with REAL glass, and resemble the glasses from Lady Gaga's 'The Fame' album.

Superstition glasses, made from a real shattered mirror.

Diamonds Are A Spike's Best Friend glasses.

Each pair of glasses is custom made, so your pair will be completely original and may differ a little from the pictures.  You can even request for different colors and such with your order!

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