Where in the World is Looty???

I have been M.I.A....yet again. This time around it has been with good reason! I've been dealing with some negativity that has kept me quite occupied for the past couple weeks. Luckily, I found time on a long flight to write a few blogs for all of you to enjoy!

Aside from all that, I have also been busy at the office. Being in the financial and real estate industry, the near end of the fiscal year is always an overly busy time of year. Preparing for bank audits, taxes, and conducting multiple refinances on numerous properties has taken its
toll on my free time. But have no fear! I will be going back to my regular postings after this post lol!

I didn't forget about all of you completely though...I have compiled lots of innovative designers and dope spots for all of you to enjoy as much as me.

I will also be launching a new section to my blog to be based around featured models. I have already chosen the first model I would like to feature and I know ALL of you will appreciate her beauty. I know all my male readers will stay tuned to this section ;-)

In my time away, I decided to have another section based around event planners/promoters from across the country that will feature the events they throw, and give outsiders a look inside what's popping in different cities.

I really want to focus upon what is happening in different cities and get personal with local talent and environment that each provide you to experience.

Stay tuned for more Looty-ness :-)
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