Chicago - Recommended Restaurants: Lunch-Goer in the Gold Coast? Try The Goddess and Grocer for A Good Meal.

The Goddess and Grocer
25 E. Delaware St.

I've been gone for a long while now, but don't worry...I brought you all something you will LOVE!!!! By far one of my favorite lunch spots in Chicago, The Goddess and Grocer offers a wide variety of delectable sweet treats as well as delicious soups, sandwiches, and salads. I have loved everything I have ever ordered here down to the very last bite!

The Goddess Cup Cakes in Red Velvet are absolutely delicious! I could have a dozen myself LOL! They also offer an array of gourmet flavors that are always changing. Their ice cream also changes flavors frequently, but is worth a shot. Some of my favorite flavors are the Banana Bread with Dark Chocolate Chips and Peanut Butter with Peanut Butter Cookies.

I recommend the Finger Lickin Chicken sandwich, which comes with pulled roasted chicken tossed in BBQ sauce with melted muenster and cole slaw on a kaiser roll. The Portofino Panini is another amazing sandwich they offer if you have a similar taste as me. It comes with prosciutto, artichokes, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and nut free basil pesto on a focaicca panini. If you appreciate an excellent egg salad, give their Debbie's Egg Salad sandwich a try! As you can see, there is so much variety amongst the Goddess's sandwiches it is almost impossible to choose just one favorite. Don't forget to grab a side of their Yukon Gold Potato or Pasta salad!!

If you prefer a lighter lunch, try the Lo-Carb Chef's salad. The salad is substantial enough to be filling, but light enough to not make you start nodding off at your desk! It comes with diced ham and turkey with cheddar and swiss, avocado, scallions, chopped egg and crumbled bacon over romaine lettuce with peppercorn ranch dressing.

You will, without a doubt, come back to indulge in the new flavors The Goddess and Grocer
offers as well as your very own favorites!!!!

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