Negligent...Again :-/

Once again, I have been quite negligent to updating this blog. Believe it or not, I've been sleepwalking recently, and I ended up throwing my laptop and breaking it while asleep. I know, CRAZY, right?!

Aside from that, I have been focusing on my future, and finding a new company to work with. After this weekend, I have just secured two...yes positions, and I am very excited to begin a fresh start. Both positions are with real estate companies; one being more on the financial side of the business, and the other being a combination of the financials, acquisitions, and marketing. I decided to take on both to occupy my time more productively, give me more experience and connections in the industry, and help bring me closer to my goals. They will most definitely be taking up almost all of my time, but that's what I am really looking forward to. I will also be hanging my real estate license with one of the companies, and practicing sales/leasing outside of the two positions.

I will definitely continue to update my blog and keep my readers informed on what is going on!!
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