What Defines A Real Man

You hear it often, "Man up," "I need a real man," etc. But what really defines a real man?? The answer differs from woman to woman, so from my experiences, I thought I'd put it out there what a REAL man in my eyes is. Enjoy!

A REAL man....

  1. Is intellectual enough to listen to what others have to say or offer, and always willing to learn, but not ignorant enough to let others get to him or give him false impressions.
  2. KEEPS HIS WORD. He doesn't say one thing and not follow through with that, or he wouldn't bother saying it at all. This single quality tells me a lot. If you are one that can't follow through with what you say, you are a BOY.
  3. Can hold his own financially. Yea, I said it!...Men can be little gold-diggin degenerates too! TRUST ME, I have dealt with a couple of these already and I'm only 24...I'm sure I'll come across more in the future. Men have always been considered the provider. While I've never minded paying for anything, and always have, a REAL man doesn't let a woman show him up in the money game and pay for EVERYTHING. If you do this, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER SON, YOU'RE AN EMBARASSMENT!!!!
  4. SAYS WHAT'S ON HIS MIND! A real man expresses his thoughts and doesn't hold back then act a fool because you didn't know what was really on his mind. If something bothers him, he doesn't front like everything is cool or all good, he addresses the issue directly. Don't try to be upset with someone because you want something out of them but don't state it when they ask and pretend like it's cool. God didn't give us the gift of reading minds, so don't expect that people can do that. If you say it's cool or it's all good, well there's some of us that take it that it's all good and think you wouldn't bother saying that if you didn't mean it...otherwise you just fell into the liar category LOL.
  5. Can identify a REAL woman and hold her down. If he doesn't think you're worth it, he won't bother and he will make that clear.
  6. Has ambition and goals. His mind is not only on the next day, but the near future and a long term future. He knows himself well enough to know what goals to set for himself and has the ambition to achieve these.
  7. He doesn't sit around and wait for something to happen, he makes it happen...no matter what.
  8. Would never lay a hand on a woman or try to demean her. Afterall, what kind of man picks on someone weaker than himself?
  9. Is proud of what his woman looks like and her mind. None of that you can't wear this if I'm not around BS (I've been through this too)! When he gets compliments from others about his woman, he's proud.
  10. He's confident in himself and those who he keeps around him. Questions don't need to be asked, he knows if he had to question those around him, they shouldn't be around him.
  11. He is respectful. Not only to himself, but to others. It's important to execute this even towards those you do not like, after all, you never know who someone is, or what sort of business you can do with them.
  12. Is not a cheater! If it came down to that, he would end things on the spot. He knows cheating is unnecessary, and would not bother being with someone if that's what he was on.
  13. Is honest and not afraid to tell the truth no matter what. The reality is that sometimes the truth hurts, but it's also always discovered in the end and a real man recognizes that.

Feel free to comment on any thoughts or additions you may have!!
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